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Adams' Admission Reaction: The Blue Oregon Connection


Two of the three people who founded Oregon's top left-leaning political blog, Blue Oregon, are going to bat for Mayor Sam Adams.

Last week, Kari Chisholm, who designs websites for Adams and many of the state's Democratic elected officials, posted a couple of times in Adams' favor. Last week, for example, he wrote,

The media had no business asking him a question about sex between two legal consenting adults. It doesn't matter what he said when he was asked -- the question was out of bounds. Once the media determined that it was a legit relationship, then that should be that.

Today, another Blue Oregon co-founder, Charlie Burr, a senior account rep for Edelman, the world's largest independent public relations firm, told Wwire that on his own time and for no compensation he advised Adams on the video the mayor made over the weekend announcing his return to work.

"I offered my advice to the mayor this Sunday on his statement and video release. This pro-bono work was done on my personal time and not connected to my firm, which does not get involved in candidate work or lobbying," Burr says via email.

"The mayor's words were largely his own, but I did offer help editing around the edges. Despite the repair work he needs to do with the city, I still believe the mayor can accomplish great things for Portland."

Blue Oregon's third co-founder, Portland State University researcher Jeff Alworth, is less enamored of Adams than are his two colleagues.
Leadership requires something more than political calculation. Sam might have lost (a doubtful hypothesis), but had he come clean, he could have governed without the shadow of scandal. Being a leader means putting the public first; by lying, Sam has diminished his own effectiveness.

Alworth wrote in a Jan. 20 post.

Click here for the latest updates and complete WW coverage of the Adams-Breedlove story.

(Photo above taken by Byron Beck)
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