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Adams Admission Reaction: Adams and Breedlove's Stories Differ (Plus KATU Reports A New Detail on Breedlove)

Sam Adams' Air-Quote Kung Fu

In an interview with WW on Jan. 19 and in a press conference the next day, Mayor Sam Adams said his sexual relationship with Beau Breedlove—a relationship he had previously denied—lasted "maybe two months" in the summer of 2005.

That's different from the story that Breedlove told The Oregonian yesterday. "Breedlove says their only sexual encounters took place that [July 5, 2005]," weekend, the daily wrote.

The Oregonian story also produced the first definitive report of physical contact between the two men prior to Breedlove's 18th birthday on June 25, 2005.

Breedlove claimed that Adams kissed him while the two were in Adams' vehicle in May 2005. In a tape-recorded interview with WW on Jan. 15, Adams denied ever kissing Breedlove in his vehicle.

In that same interview with WW, Adams did artfully respond to a question about the City Hall bathroom. Asked if he'd ever been in a City Hall bathroom at the same time as Breedlove, Adams responded,

"If I was, it wasn't for very long."

Yesterday, Breedlove gave a more definitive answer saying that on June 2, 2005, 23 days before Breedlove's 18th birthday, the two kissed in a City Hall bathroom for "about a minute."

Breedlove has not responded to repeated messages from WW. (Breedlove's lawyer is Charles Hinkle, who also represents The Oregonian and who also spoke out in support of Adams at a rally last week.)

Meanwhile, this afternoon on its 5 p.m. news broadcast, KATU (Channel 2) reported that Breedlove, now 21, pleaded guilty to felony theft charge in Hawaii in 2006, after getting caught stealing merchandise from Macy's department store. He is currently on probation for that conviction.

Adams was unavailable for comment.
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