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Adams' Admission Reaction: Business Leaders Unenthused


As Mayor Sam Adams returns to work today for the first time since admitting to WW last week that he had lied in 2007 about having sex with former legislative intern Beau Breedlove, one unanswered question is how Portlanders will respond to Adams.

Here's one answer below from the Portland Business Alliance, which issued its statement yesterday. The PBA, the city's largest mainstream business group, endorsed both Adams and his leading opponent, Sho Dozono, in last May's mayoral primary. However, the group has been a strong Adams supporter, in large part due to his successful 2007 effort to lower the unpopular business license fee.
Dear Alliance Member,

This weekend, the Portland Alliance Board of Directors came together and developed the following position on Mayor Adams:

Portland Business Alliance Board of Directors
Statement on Mayor Sam Adams

While there are differing views within the Portland Business Alliance as to whether or not to call for the mayor's resignation, the board agrees on the following:

An important quality of our elected leaders is their ability to inspire and hold the trust and confidence of their citizens.

We are deeply disappointed by the mayor's admissions and are concerned about his ability to be effective when our city now faces many significant challenges.

Whether or not he stays in office should be based on whether he can lead our city effectively and with the integrity that all our citizens deserve.

The Portland Business Alliance is committed to an effective city government and a constructive business/city partnership.

Thank you,

Sandra McDonough
President & CEO
Portland Business Alliance
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