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BREAKING: Mayor Sam Adams Retains Lawyer Bob Weaver And Says, "I'm Not Going to Keep People Waiting Much Longer"

Mayor Sam Adams told WW about 3:45 pm today that he is close to making a decision about whether he will resign or fight to keep his office.

Adams is meeting individually with city commissioners tomorrow morning.

"I'm not going to keep people waiting much longer," Adams told WW. "I need to make a good decision and make it soon."

Adams, who has not been back to City Hall since a Tuesday press conference, said this afternoon that he is still talking to people about what he should do. One person he's not in touch with is Beau Breedlove, the now-21-year-old former legislative intern with whom Adams admitted a 2005 sexual relationship earlier this week.

"I'm not allowed to talk to Beau while this matter is under investigation," Adams says.

On Wednesday, Attorney General John Kroger announced he would investigate the circumstances surrounding Adams' sexual relationship with Breedlove, in response to requests from Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schrunk, Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer and a majority of the City Council.

Adams told WW this afternoon he has retained criminal lawyer Bob Weaver to represent him in that probe.

"Regardless of what happens," Adams says, "I look forward to the investigation."
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