Gus Van Sant's Milk was nominated for eight Academy Awards this morning
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UPDATE (12:06 pm):
The New York Times
Gus Van Sant, nominated for his direction of “Milk,” struck the cool I-didn't-realize-nominations-were-this-morning pose. “I wasn't that attuned to the thing,” he said in a telephone interview. “My reactions don't bend to the gameshow style of screaming and jumping up and down.”

His fellow nominee for “Milk,” Dustin Lance Black, singled out for his original screenplay, was not quite so put together. “The tears started when I saw that Gus was nominated and the meltdown built from there,” he said. “I'm just so grateful and hopeful this will get the movie's message out to a wider audience.” Mr. Black, 34 years old, said he was pacing at home alone, waiting for the local news to report the nominations.