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Adams' Admission Reaction: What A Difference A Day Makes For Randy Leonard. Now He Wants An Investigation

Randy Leonard

On Monday, Commissioner Randy Leonard defended Mayor Sam Adams when asked what he thought about Adams confessing that he lied about his sexual relationship with 18-year-old Beau Breedlove.

Leonard yesterday called the matter “nobody's business” and said he'd asked Adams before the story broke in 2007 if Adams had sex with a minor. He says Adams told him no. “He never lied to me,” Leonard said Monday. “I'm a little put off that this is considered newsworthy.”

Today, Leonard says the comments he made yesterday came before he had a chance to read WW's story. He now feels differently.

“Sam asking the young man to lie for him—my reaction to that is a whole lot different," Leonard says. "That is disturbing to me at a much deeper level.”

Leonard also feels that Adams used him to strengthen Adams' lie.

“I feel disturbed that Sam allowed me to say the things I did as part of his campaign to deceive people," Leonard says. "I'm not understanding how he took advantage of my friendship and my loyalty."

Leonard hopes to introduce a council resolution on Jan. 28 calling for an independent investigation of Adams' behavior, to be conducted by an outside agency such as the Oregon State Police or Attorney General. (Commissioner Nick Fish is also now calling for an independent investigation after saying no comment earlier today.)

Says Leonard: “Based on my unfortunate interactions with Sam on this I'm at the place where I need to have some independent verification of exactly what happened.”

Meanwhile, Leonard is strongly disputing a piece written last fall by then-Portland Tribune columnist Phil Stanford, who reported that Leonard sought the Police Bureau last year from Adams as payback.

Leonard says Stanford's sources were mistaken and that he never asked to be police commissioner.

"Sam asked me to consider taking it," Leonard says. "He said I'd like to you do a report [on the police] and consider taking the bureau. I said that is an exciting challenge and that's how I felt."
After Police Chief Rosie Sizer pushed back hard against the idea of Leonard being her boss, Leonard says he told Adams he didn't want the assignment.

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