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Adams' Admission Reaction: Police Union Boss Calls for Mayor Sam Adams to Resign


The head of the city's powerful 900-member police union today called on Mayor Sam Adams to resign immediately after Adams admitted on Monday he lied about having sex with an 18-year-old intern.

Sgt. Scott Westerman, president of the Portland Police Association, tells WW that Adams' admitted coverup of the 2005 affair with Beau Breedlove revealed "a dramatic lack of integrity."

"What would happen if a police officer befriended a 17-year-old cadet, or a high-school girl, and waited until the second she turned 18 to nail her?" Westerman says. "This is the mayor of our city. This is supposed to be the person who dictates the culture."

Westerman brought up the example of former Police Chief Derrick Foxworth, who was demoted in 2006 for pursuing an affair with a subordinate.

"[Foxworth] didn't even lie about his relationship but was deemed by the mayor and City Council not to be worthy to lead any longer," Westerman says.

"How can we as a police union accept a person who addressed the entire city of Portland, demanding that we believe him, demanding that we accept the fact that he didn't do anything inappropriate?" Westerman said. "That's not a city I want to work for. I sure as hell don't think our cops should have that ability, do you?"
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