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PETA: Using Fake Blood to Make You Feel Awkward Since 1980


Members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals descended upon Portland city streets today to demonstrate against wearing fur.

Using PETA's trademark fake blood (keeping a gallon jug full of the stuff nearby) and other press grabbers from its arsenal, two ladies dressed in fur coats laid on top of other coats while keeping their high-heeled feet near a giant steel animal trap. (In case you're wondering where PETA got real fur, PETA's Nicole Matthews says the fur was donated by people who have had a "change of heart" about their purchase.)

In between passing out literature on world fur cultivation, Matthews told me that the traps like the ones her friends were posing near can keep animals captive often for days on end. About one-quarter of the people who walked by the protest took the literature, which is part of a national campaign during the winter to encourage people to go fur-free.

Protesters originally set up on the Pioneer Courthouse Square side of the intersection of Southwest Broadway and Yamhill. But one public parks security employee and one nervous-looking police officer told the group it would have to move its display elsewhere. PETA only had a permit to demonstrate on the city sidewalk, and not within a public park.

Once moved to the Nordstrom's side, more problems arose as Nordstrom's employees began to suspect this was a protest aimed at them specifically. It was not. When asked to comment, one Nordstrom employee said they couldn't give statements to the press.

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