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PDX (and Portland Monthly) hearts beards.

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We give Portland Monthly a lot of crap, mostly due to its obsessive use of numbered lists and the word "Top" (Top Dentists, Top Doctors etc.). But the local magazine's January issue has scored a direct hit on the heart of the Willamette Week staff with a photo essay on the bearded men of Portland—especially the over-the-top face-huggers of 30-something "creative classers."

Even better, former WW designer Thomas Cobb, who nowadays works as an art director at PM, created a full illustrated history of beards as an online companion to the story. With a drawing style that falls somewhere between the pages of a medical text and the cover of a Harry Potter novel, Cobb delves deep into facial hair lore, lovingly penning portraits of "Trendsetters of the Bearded Northwest"—everybody from Bigfoot and Bill Walton to John Muir and Al Gore.

Hurry up and check it out. After all, beards are so 2008.



Oh, and here's a portrait Cobb drew of himself when he still worked at WW.

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