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Last Thursday, Part II: Alberta Street Not Taken Over by Lemonade Vendors

Last Thursday

The Lemonade Revolt planned for Last Thursday on Northeast Alberta Street last night turned out to be a fizzle.

Perhaps the appearance of just seven lemonade vendors was because Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen had already told inspectors to ease up on enforcement at the event after inspectors earned national headlines for cracking down on a 7-year-old girl's stand last month on Alberta.

No lemonade stands were shut down last night, and three of the seven vendors said they weren't there to revolt—they just wanted to make some cash and teach their children about business.

Parent Suzanne Clark said her children's Last Thursday lemonade stand was not their first.

Clark and her young sons Milan and Jordan had set up during the past Last Thursday, but unlike 7-year-old Julie Murphy, they weren't shut down by the county.

Michael Franklin, who posted the Lemonade Revolt to Facebook as an absurd "Abbie Hoffman" style direct action, said the event got too much attention. Media from as far away as Brazil and China all wanted to know more about it.

Franklin, who opposes the city's involvement in Last Thursday, says the event was more about having fun than anything. He says kids had a blast, but " Did we send a message to anybody? No."
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