December 23rd, 2008 5:33 pm | by Samantha Herman News |

And One More Makes a Soccer Team!


There has been a lot of media talk recently about families with inordinate numbers of children. And that's a personal choice. If you can properly care for 18 kids, Mr. and Mrs. Duggar in Arkansas , who am I to judge? But it does seem that some couples are incapable of handling large amounts of children traipsing through the house on a daily basis. Last week a Salem couple got in a lot of trouble , and rightfully so, after beating nine of their children with pipes, whips, and wooden boards. Which leads one to ask, how many children is too many?

Historically, couples had large families to ensure there were enough hands to complete of the duties required to maintain a farm. It is not uncommon to hear grandparents tell stories about being the last of a dozen children. But families are no longer large out of necessity so one must wonder about the appeal of feeding and clothing so many kids? To some, there is no appeal. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh , has been outspoken in his disdain for large families as overpopulation puts pressure on the world's resources. Paul Ehrlich has also beseeched the public to stop profuse procreation. But others, like Mormons, Christian Fundamentalists, and masochists, believe they are well within their rights to keep popping out babies. And the Foundation for Large Families wants couples who already have a slew of children to have the option of adopting more.

Frankly, use the rubbers or not. It is truly you and your partner's decision. But like the expression “if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen,” if you really can't handle the responsibility, do Social Services a favor and pull out of the woman.
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