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Obama Plays One on The Gays (and Rick Warren)

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With less than a month to go until Inauguration Day, I haven't heard much local opinionating coming out of Portland (with an exception or two) about Barack Obama's choice of homophobic Pastor Rick Warren to preach at the Jan. 20 extravaganza in Washington.

How's this to get the conversation started: I think Obama is totally playing The Gays on this issue. Obama's goal in choosing Warren is to deliver a message and make a political maneuver. Clearly the message is "hello, Christian conservatives, I am not your enemy." And as Hanna Rosin suggests, the maneuver may be to put Evangelicals in their place as a token minority of crazies.

Any way you slice it, the outrage over Warren's choice was completely predictable, and it was also crucial for Obama to make his point.

No one would have paid attention otherwise, and Warren would just have been some guy with a bad goatee holding a Bible.

(Here's why this all might ring a bell.)

I'm guessing Obama knew the bashing from gays would come. He knew it would not affect him whatsoever, and he actually relied on it in a very calculated way. Ten points to Obama for genius PR, zero to The Gays for being utterly predictable.

What do you think?

While you're gathering your thoughts, you can watch some folks scream about all this on CNN.

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