Mayor-Elect Sam Adams has hired as his "strategic planning and sustainability policy advisor."
Amy Ruiz,
the Nov. 27 Hall Monitor about Adams and Commissioner Randy Leonard giving Merritt Paulson's stadium plan to a task force:
But Leonard and Adams see plenty of potential in Merritt Paulson's plan to bring
Major League Soccer
to a revamped PGE Park, and move the Beavers' minor league baseball team to a new baseball stadium elsewhere in the city.
So they're kicking the issue to a task force. It's a smart plan: The task force is stocked withsmart people like John Bradley, who's sat on the PGE Park oversight committee for several years and chairs the Northwest District Association land use committee, Lindsay Desrochers, VP of Finance and Administration for Portland State University, and a dozen other local business and neighborhood leaders.
From the Nov. 20 Hall Monitor about Adams' then-upcoming decision on bureau assignments:
n other words, the final announcement from Adams could be
majorly boring
. Other than shuffling around smaller bureaus that no one pays much attention to (sorry, Office of Government Relations, you're very important, but
it's true
), the only big development will likely be which bureau Adams takes out of Saltzman's portfolio, to free him up to be a "nearly full-time" cop commissioner.

From the Oct. 30 Hall Monitor about Adams giving Commissioner Dan Saltzman the Police Bureau after Leonard withdrew his name from consideration:
As chronicled in this column, drama ensued—to say the least. Leonard and Police Chief Rosie Sizer clashed, as she made it clear she'd never work for Leonard. Behind the scenes, there was chatter about Leonard's family (his daughter had a few run-ins with the law, and drug treatment). Even this paper found itself on the receiving end of mud-slinging "tips" about Leonard that weren't newsworthy—unless you consider it news that some cops didn't want Leonard to head up the bureau.

Unfortunately, Adams wasn't able to smooth things out (despite my suggestion to lock both Randy and Rosie in a room until they worked out their differences). Leonard's announcement was reportedly a surprise to Adams.
From an Oct. 9 Hall Monitor about Adams' enthusiasm for Portland's Brand awareness
Adams didn't go into detail about how he'll lead the city in creating "brand awareness"—other than noting that we must "
increase Portland's profile
"—but I have a prediction.
It's going to be