what's going to be the source for the $85 million
needed to renovate PGE Park and build a new AAA stadium for the Beavers?
Two points to note:
Here's the PDC release:
On December 10, 2008, the Portland Development Board of Commissioners gave the green light to the North/Northeast Economic Development Initiative to find ways to increase jobs and economic development opportunities in the Interstate Corridor and Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Areas (URAs). This effort will study the boundaries of the two URAs and recommend any changes, identify existing and new resources that can be used to support the city's economic stimulus efforts, and identify potential projects that support jobs and economic development.

PDC has previously studied and expanded resources for the Central Eastside URA, Lents and the River District URAs. We believe that strengthening neighborhoods and promoting community-level development in North and Northeast goes hand in hand with our efforts to continue to revitalize the central city core. We also anticipate that a similar study will look at a new urban renewal area in the central city, and that these two studies will proceed on a coordinated basis.

The North/Northeast study areas include the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. corridor and other small business-rich commercial corridors along Interstate Avenue, Alberta, Williams, Killingsworth, Denver, Lombard, Mississippi, and others. It is also an opportunity to focus resources on areas of the city that have been traditional underserved.

PDC is excited to work with the North/Northeast community, and we'll engage residents, businesses and stakeholders to develop a thorough and inclusive public process. We're committed to working with existing residents and businesses to improve the great communities that are already there. The Interstate Corridor and Oregon Convention Center URAs are the most diverse urban renewal areas in Portland, and PDC will approach this study in culturally competent ways, including multilingual capabilities, so that the process is open and available to all residents and businesses who want to participate.

Watch the video: North/Northeast Economic Development Study

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