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Budget Belt Tightening On One Hand. More Employees, Concierge Service On The Other


When Gov. Ted Kulongoski introduced his $16 billion budget for 2009-2011 on Monday, he noted these are tough economic times will require sacrifice and hard choices.

"The budget...has gotten if not small – certainly smaller than any of us would like," Kulongoski said.
"This – without doubt – is going to cause real hardship for many Oregonians."

The House Republicans have since combed through Kulongoski's budget and found that it proposes to add 1,451 new state employees to the 49,518 full-time-equivalent positions budgeted for in the current biennium.

"Businesses are shedding thousands of jobs a month but state government isn't feeling the same pain," says Nick Smith, a spokesman for the House Republicans.

Smith noted that even in these straightened times, the Public Employee Benefit Board provides concierge services for harried state workers.

"State employees have access to a concierge service that can help them find dog obedience classes or what's playing at the local theater,” Smith says. "What kind of message does that send to Oregonians who don't have access to such services and don't have any jobs at all."

Oh, and just so nobody thinks partisanship is dead, check out this amusing example of Democrats' cyber-squatting.
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