Oregon Department of Energy.
Cylvia Hayes
John Kitzhaber
This afternoon, Hayes issued the following statement

To: Oregon Media Outlets

From: Cylvia Hayes, Founder and CEO, 3EStrategies

Date: August 24, 2010

To date, I have only heard through reporters that anonymous sources are claiming that there are apparently questions regarding my work with the state of Oregon. I want to stress: At NO time have I been notified by anyone at the state or any investigative agency regarding any concern they may have over the work I have performed.

If, in fact, any state agency or investigator has any questions that involve me or my company, I am asking them to PLEASE pick up the phone and call me and I will happily answer whatever questions they have.

I want people to know I have done absolutely nothing wrong and am proud of the way my small company has performed its work for our clients. We have a perfect track record of delivering top-quality products on time and under-budget. Our work for the State of Oregon has been identified as a national green economy/ green jobs best practice.

It is also clear from the timing and leaks by anonymous sources that some people are attempting to exploit for political purposes the fact that I am in a long-term personal relationship with John Kitzhaber.

Please allow me to set the record straight: John Kitzhaber has no involvement whatsoever in my company.

While John Kitzhaber has sat on the board of my non-profit sustainable development organization, he has at no time had any material involvement with my small business; not as a board member, nor as an investor. He has also never played a role in my efforts to compete for contracts, either in the private sector or the public sector.

And again, if ANYONE in any official capacity has any questions about the work I performed, I am asking them to call me immediately so I can begin to address any concerns. Otherwise, I am at a loss as to how to defend myself given a total lack of credible information.


Cylvia Hayes

Cylvia Hayes

I am writing in response to your Aug. 24 request for copies of contracts between the Oregon Department of Energy and TEEM (Toward Energy Efficiency Muncipalities, LLC). Although you made your request of the Oregon Department of Energy, the Department of Justice is now the custodian of those records.

The Department of Justice is currently conducting an investigation into potential contracting irregularities at the department of Energy in consultation with the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Oregon. The Department of Justice is denying your records request under ORS 192.501 (3), which conditionally exempts from public disclosure “investigatory information compiled for criminal law purposes.”