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Remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Jonathan Coulton and John Hodgman perform at the fourth annual
Wordstock Extravaganza.
Live Wire!:
Live Wire! Wordstock Extravaganza
This I Believe
This I Believe.
Portland has been shouting its approval for a week, and frankly, we're hoarse.
From left to right: Patrick Rosenkranz, Spain Rodriguez, Alison Bechdel and David Wolk at a panel on comics and politics
Comics and Politics Panel:
Dykes to Watch Out For
Rebel Visions
the rhythm of their speech mimics the cadence of cells in a comic strip.
HW Brands
Historian HW Brands and his new book,
H.W. Brands:
Band of Brothers
Traitor to His Class (Doubleday, 896 pages, $35),
It was worth it.