As we laid our heads upon our pillows last night, long past bedtime, the still, quiet air seemed like a blank slate. Unfamiliar feelings of hope , optimism --sheesh, fucking patriotism , of all things--swelled and crested, and our eyes moistened, over and over and over.

We woke to find that it had not been a dream.

The chilly drizzle outside was balanced by our morning coffee, and the world seemed harmonious and rich.

We mark the occasion of a beautiful day with a few items from our backlog of Nobody Works Anymore bookmarks. Not political or controversial or snarky; just some things that make us feel happy and amazed to be alive in the world.

One : Kinetic sculpture at the BMW museum. In all sincerity, this makes me grateful for corporate art.

[youtube HVhVClFMg6Y]

Two : This is a real life animal, apparently inspired by Star Wars. We don't have these in Portland.

[youtube btkVS7uYNwM]

Three : An animated music video from the Beat Junkies. Both visually and musically intense, this is not recommended for those with hangovers. Mildly NSFW, due to a couple topless mermaids.

[youtube J2QclFMoxhE]

Four : The world's premier libraries . The State Library of Queensland, in Australia, doesn't have doors? Believe it.

Five : The world's tallest Lego tower . 96.7 feet.

Six : Ferrari/Shell commercial. If you have powerful speakers and understanding coworkers, crank it to eleven.

[youtube iItzJc-NHI4]

Seven : San Francisco sunrise, shot in HDR. HDR is a technique of creating time lapse video from digital photographs. The technical limitations of movie cameras mean that the best optics in the world are found in still cameras (I think). So this is better than HD , maybe.

[vimeo 163576]

Nobody Works Anymore wishes you a beautiful day, every day .

This is (now former intern) Piff...signing off...see you on the other side.