November 4th, 2008 5:33 pm | by BEN WATERHOUSE News | Posted In: Multnomah County

Updated: VOTE! Or This Baby Will Be Very Unhappy

Baby gets excited!
See this adorable and civically engaged baby ? She's totally in the tank for Obama. And she's annoyed that, of 436,489 registered voters in Multnomah County, only 283,111 of you had turned in your ballots by 8 am this morning. That 64% , guys. You can do better!

As soon as turnout tops 80%, this awesome baby, who belongs to a Willamette Week employee and is very concerned about the future of this country, will become happy . But if it doesn't happen by 8 pm, she will be very upset!

Don't disappoint the baby. Vote! Here's a list of official dropsites.

Do you have a politically active child? Send a pic to and I'll post it below.

UPDATED: As of noon today, we're only up to 69% turnout. The awesome baby is alert, but still worried. Vote!

UPDATED 3:15 PM: We're up to 72%—better, but still 12% below last year's total. The awesome baby clenches her tiny fists in anticipation of many, many of you (52,724, as a matter of fact) dropping off you ballots in the next four hours. Vote! Vote! Vote!

UPDATED 5:30 PM: 75%. Keep 'em coming.
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