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Mayor Adams Proposes Five-Point Plan to Control Illegal Handguns in Portland

Mayor Sam Adams' office has drafted five new proposals to control illegal handguns in Portland. The five-point plan comes on a week when police report investigating at least nine shootings that cops consider to be gang-related.

"The illegal gun problem in Portland has been long-standing. I want Portland to be more assertive about accomplishing what we can locally," Adams tells WW. "This was an area that was really fallow in terms of city government initiatives."

Adams' five proposals in the weeks ahead are likely to generate opposition from gun-rights advocates and perhaps concern from civil libertarians. But Adams says the city attorney's office designed the proposals to be in line with state and federal law.

"If these do go to court," Adams says, "we will defend them vigorously."

Here's a brief summary of the proposals:

1. A curfew for juveniles convicted of gun-law violations.

2. A new city crime of failure to control kids' access to guns.

3. A new city crime of failure to report loss or theft of guns.

4. Increase penalties for illegal possession of loaded firearms.

5. Excluding gun-law violators from neighborhoods with high rates of illegal firearm use.

Adams is asking people to comment by Sept. 3 at You can download drafts and explanations of the five proposals here (PDF).
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