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Nobody Works Anymore: Last Chance to Laugh at Sarah (We Hope)

Sarah Palin, Sportscaster

Sarah Palin in her sportscaster days. Yes, that says "Lots of Dogs."

We're almost there, folks. 24 hours from now, we will almost certainly have a new president. If our luck holds, it won't be the killah from Wasilla. Still, if tomorrow evening is the last we ever hear of America's first female vice-presidential nominee for the Republican party (unlikely—she's not going anywhere ), I will miss the never-ending hilarity she's brought to the race. So, before the opportunity passes, here are a few more gags at her expense.

PUNK'D! Palin falls for Canadian Sarkozy impersonator:

[youtube CcEiR01QK7o]

MEANWHILE McCain aids and abets the mockery of his running mate on SNL :

PILING ON , Ken Duberstein slams McCain for his failure to vet:
[youtube g9ImySRVdO4]

FURTHERMORE her supporters deny children candy:
[youtube EyknClzoH1M]

FINALLY , the Alaskans are restless:
[youtube 4lffB7B8jKE]

ONE MORE , just because:

[youtube yrUN8oldj9o]
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