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Trick or Vote Today? You Betcha! (FREE Sarah Palin costume instrux inside!)

You've probably read that Oregon voter turnout so far is down compared with 2004—but you can do something about that! As noted on WWire earlier this week, Trick or Vote is sending hundreds of volunteers out into Portland's neighborhoods this afternoon to ring doorbells and remind people to send in their ballots. Waves of costumed canvassers hit the streets at 3:30 and 5:30, so head on down to AudioCinema (226 SE Madison St.) and join the fun.

If you're not going because you haven't come up with a scary costume, we've got you covered: WikiHow has instructions for a DIY Sarah Palin getup .
Along with tips like "Wear a fitted blazer" and "Buy a cheap pair of rectangular reading glasses" comes this key advice:
Accessorize. If you're dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween, you might need to wear some accessories so people recognize who you're impersonating. Otherwise they might think you're just dressed as a librarian, or businesswoman. Some common items associated with Palin are:

* A campaign pin
* A toy rifle
* A stuffed moose
* American flag lapel pin
* Miss Alaska beauty pageant ribbon
* A pitbull
* A baby

Still need convincing? Listen to Mummy (here in a Bus Project video shown at Candidates Gone Wild ):

[youtube rSe9X-UIUrI]
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