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Nobody Works Anymore: Shame! Obama Campaign Foiled By Lazy Willamette Week Web Editor

nonvoter Ian -shame!

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE FUTURE! On Friday, Nov. 7, CNNBC revealed that the McCain/Palin ticket triumphed thanks to the single goddamn uncast vote of WW's very own web editor, Ian Gillingham , as seen in the video below:

What's really going on? In the spirit of the Bush Doctrine , MoveOn.org has developed a preemptive shaming tool that creates a custom fake news video , headlining the name of whatever apathetic friend you choose to input in hopes of prodding them into the voting booth (or in vote-by-mail Oregon's case, the kitchen table).

This seems like a good use of technology, psychology , and humor towards a noble end . We don't care whom you vote for—*that's totally not true, we want you to vote for these people * —but for God's sake, vote .

Less impressive (but just as entertaining) is the reverse-shame attempt by a woman who reported being robbed, raped, beat up, and disfigured over the McCain bumper sticker on her car. Turns out, she made it up . It remains unclear exactly where she got the black eye and carved letter B .

No word on the validity of another claim that a Florida home was "shot up " for its McCain signs.

It all reminds us of a shamebaiting Fox News story from last week (covered by by Nobody Works Anymore here) in which a West Linn woman enticed Obama supporters to harass her by attending a roadside rally covered in a traditional Saudi Arabian abaya . Asked whether she would do it again: "I plan on it. "


I struggled to deduce the symbolism of last week's dead bear covered in Obama signs , dumped on a Western Carolina University lawn. Today we learned that the responsible parties had been brought to justice. Two college boys reportedly found the bear by the side of the road and used two Obama signs to keep the roadkill from bleeding all over their truck . In a show of incredibly bad judgment (and bad taste), they dumped the carcass outside a school administrative building—an apparently non-political act . According to the Wilkes Journal-Pilot , "Campus Police Chief Tom Johnson said authorities believe the students' story.

We can only imagine the knee-slapping that must have ensued as the pair fled the scene.

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here !
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