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Nobody Works Anymore: Trick or Treat or Whoops I Shot You

Shot in the act . A Michigan boy was gleefully toilet-papering what he mistook to be an empty house , when the homeowner emerged and shot him . The 51-year-old gunman, fearing that his home was being broken into, fired two warning shots into the air and then turned the shotgun on the fleeing teen . From a distance of sixty feet, the few pellets that struck the fourteen-year old caused no permanent damage. The lucky young vandal and his friends face trespassing charges, while the shooter will be charged with a "misdemeanor for reckless use of a firearm causing injury." Self defense it ain't .

Here's a less risky halloween use for t.p . If I understand it correctly, the idea is to wrap it around your camera flash as a makeshift diffuser . Two-ply? Quilted? You'll have to sign up to get the details

A better mousetrap ? Your old-fashioned toilet paper roller has been rendered obsolete . This is way fucking cool .

[youtube QTsXlTKaFq0]

A better urinal? Some innovative things to piss in . All images taken from the architecture blog Archipreneur . And a hat tip to Archipreneur for the link to the appropriately-named UrinalJournal blog.





And finally, the Italians make a compelling case that toilet paper is actually wayyyyy sexy .

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here !
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