Ever wanted to appear onstage in a Broadway show?
On-Stage seating info.

For your safety and for the safety of the performers, the following

procedures must be adhered to by each on-stage ticket buyer:

Late seating . As a member of the on-stage audience, you must arrive to the

theatre early enough to be seated before the performance begins. The doors

open thirty (30) minutes prior to the performance time listed on your

ticket. If you arrive after the show has begun, you will not be permitted

to take your seat on-stage and you may be relocated to another seat.

Dress Code : Please refrain from wearing bright-colored clothing or any

clothing that may draw attention away from the action on stage. Out of

consideration to the actors, also refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.

Personal Belongings . Since some of the show's action takes place

throughout the seating area, lockers have been provided. All large coats,

bags, and other personal items must be placed in the lockers prior to the

start of the performance in order to keep the seating area and pathways

clear. Please limit the number of items you bring to the theatre on the

day of the performance.

Programs. For artistic reasons, you will not receive the complimentary

Playbill until the END of the performance.

Restrooms & Concessions . The theater staff is available to assist you to

your seats and to provide instruction about how to proceed to the

restrooms and concession areas. The performance has one intermission so

please plan your trips to the restroom and concession areas accordingly.

Food and beverages are not permitted on the stage or at your seat.

View of the performance. These seats offer a side/rear-view of some of the

performance. Please note: some aspects of the action may be obstructed.