"Let's make awkward appearances on the Elite Media's comedy shows and try to smile as they rip on us"
John "Mayday! Mayday!" McCain
Or in the case of McCain's senile brain, the attempt at thought
But how dare someone cancel on you!
1 did u forget about uss cole the was clinton first bomb world trade towers not bush . the embasys getting blown up clinton. and geuss what he did he tried a few people in our courts. they got exactley what they wanted from those first terrorist acts. they got there guysoin tv to spread there wordcome on thinki know u obama followers arentthat nieve. bush reacted the way clinton shouldve he took the fight to there homehave we been attcked here sence no i dont think so. its call bein proactive
Is there any place like the message board of a late-night network comedy show for reasoned political discourse?
Gee, you don't think there's any hard feelings there, do you?
make sure that only "real Americans" cast a ballot