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Nobody Works Anymore: Where our favorite plumber is still named "Mario."

super mario1
Did you guys happen to watch the debate last night? What did you think. I thought McCain looked saltier than a giant pretzel wrapped in potato chips and dipped in the Pacific Ocean . The thing is, my fascination with the presidential race has more or less stemmed purely from a fascination with the grotesque , but at no point did I ever plan to actually vote. Until now:

[youtube MksTs29bjNI]

I better hurry up and go register . Thanks, Justin Timberlake .

In other news, do you think this Texas plumber is pissed today that his gimmick will now forever be associated with Ohio's Joe Wurzelbacher :

[youtube DbWWHFLYHm0]

Well, if your taxes are a little too high, you could always simply not pay them .

I don't know about you, but that Joe strikes me as a pretty rugged manly man. But I bet even a tough SOB like him gets a little chilly on the job sometimes . Maybe he should try wearing these .

P.S. If you like the above twisted take on Super Mario Brothers , you can find more bizarre interpretations of your favorite video games from artist Handre de Jager here .
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