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Nobody Works Anymore: Drag Queen Mini-P. Strokes Bulge: "abort it's no good!"

pequena palin
South American transvestite La Pequeña has made a Youtube reputation for herself doing adorable/creepy impersonations of Hillary Clinton and Amy Winehouse , to name just a few. The li'l drag queen turns beauty queen for this week's excellent parody of our #1 VPILF and cover girl . You go girl!

[youtube VV8uEzGuvfc]

On Sunday, the real Palin made an in-store appearance at a Gallipolis, Ohio, Wal-Mart , where she purchased " a bag of Parents' Choice brand disposable diapers and a toy." Palin greeted star-struck shoppers, posed for pictures, and answered questions from citizens , to much fanfare .

Annnnnnnnnnnnd today, October 16, is National Feral Cat Day . (See last Friday's Nobody Works Anymore for some feral children and some cute little rats.) The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is a clearinghouse of facts & info on homeless felines, much less annoying than PETA . Cute talking Kitty here

[youtube ONmhQJy1ViA]

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here !
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