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Nobody Works Anymore: The Frighteners, Fox TV, and Cats Flushing Toilets

O-BOO-MA : As two really scary days draw near—election day (November 4th) and Halloween—personal campaigning takes on its usual seasonal flavor. Here are the annual celebrity stencils from Better Homes and Gardens . While the BH&G likenesses of Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart are exceptionally stylish, we can't help but feel that Hillary 's treatment is a little plain.

Cartoony caricatures aside, graphics programs like PhotoShop make it a snap to stencilize any photo you want. Obama-the-Hopeful and Beauty-Queen-Palin make the translation with ease.



Trolling for a civil rights violation . As reported by fair and balanced Fox 12 (hat tip to the Radar ), a woman called "Rebecca" appeared at a roadside Obama rally yesterday in West Linn, costumed in a traditional Saudi Arabian abaya . Explaining her patently xenophobic protest , Rebecca claimed she believed the Saudis support Obama. Rebecca's husband caught the unsurprising outcome—the Obama supporters pointed at her!— on video, from a distance at which no audio could be captured, and which Fox 12 was happy to spin into a story of Obama supporters censoring free speech.

Next, in the spirit of Fox News "journalism": cats flushing toilets.
[youtube 49jKeGyUCJE]
And finally, to plant a song in your head until tomorrow's Nobody Works Anymore , the A-Ha video with literal lyrics:
[youtube 8HE9OQ4FnkQ]
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