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TWATCH 2008: Twilight Final Trailer is Here (and so are my pics of the set where it was shot)


TWILLLLLLLIGGGGGGHHT!!! You can almost hear the deafening sound of one billion virgins screaming that across the globe.

That's because the "final" trailer for that film , which is going to be unleashed on audiences Nov. 21, is upon us.

And, guess what, a big chunk of that trailer, comes from the spot where we recently shot our Fall Fashion cover for Willamette Week and I spent some time on the set for this story .

Here are some photos I took earlier this year on the set of Twilight:
IMG_4603 IMG_4601 IMG_4609 IMG_4608 IMG_4622

I am very familiar with the area because, after high school, I used to climb out to the EXACT spot where Bella and Edward are in the tree and try to figure out my own life.

If you ever have the chance, you should check out the area: it's GORGEOUS!

For more hot photos of the Twilight cast, specifically it's extremeable fu...er..hunky male stars, go here .
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