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The Story that Wouldn't Die: Greg Kellcy Now Moved From Oregon Prison

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Greg Kellcy

Last year, I wrote a story about an Oregon prison inmate named Greg Kellcy, formerly known as Greg Johnson. Kellcy provided WW with what he said was the real story behind the mysterious 1989 murder of Oregon Department of Corrections director Michael Francke.

Many people, most notably Portland Tribune columnist Phil Stanford and Francke's brother Kevin—but also legislators and colleagues of Michael Francke's—have never believed that the state's conviction of of a small-time Salem hood named Frank Gable adequately answered the question of who killed Michael Francke and why.

When Kellcy came forward in 2007, nearly 20 years after Francke's death, to claim that he'd been the wheelman in the murder and that his late associate Tim Natividad, rather than Gable, did the killing, Kellcy said his motivation was simple: self-preservation.

After more than a decade far from Oregon under his new name, Kellcy had come home, committed a series of robberies and was looking at up to 20 years in the Oregon prison system. He says he thought he would be killed inside the bars for what he knew about Francke's killing, which he claims was orchestrated by corrupt prison officials.

So far, I have neither been able to prove or disprove his version of events.

But I do know this: Kellcy got his wish.

He was recently transferred to another state, more than 1,000 miles from Oregon to do his time. "I've been told that [name of state redacted] is one of the best states to do time in if you have to," Kellcy wrote in a recent letter. "They don't seem to have the gangs here that they do on the west coast."

So did the Department of Corrections find Kellcy's claim of that he was in danger credible, or did he simply get lucky?

A Corrections Department spokeswoman would only confirm that Kellcy is no longer in the Oregon prison system but would not say why he was moved.
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