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Fighting Fashion... With Fashion (and cool walletmaker, DB Clay, is folding up shop)

DSC_0216 As Portland Fashion Week climaxes this weekend at PFW Plaza (1330 NW 14th), some local designers will be working and partying out of the spotlight.

In stated opposition to the competitive "exclusivity of Fashion Week ," RunAway will showcase a number of PDX designers in an extended fashion show dance party, community-style. Catwalk models will sport fall lines from Gretchen Jones (Mothlove ), Emily Katz , Emily Baker (Sword & Fern) , Page Finlay (Paradox Jewelry ), Lindsey Reif (Reif ) and Julia Blackburn (Dust). Runway soundtrack provided by Cancer Rising and Caves , with atmosphere from multimedia VJ PleasureReel; after-party jams care of DJ Hanukkah Miracle . The feel-good event is sure to be thick with high fives and "You-go-girl"s. Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th, Friday, October 10th, 9pm, $5.

Winn Perry and Duchess, Clothier Grand Opening Open House. A little class never hurt anyone, as shown by the fanfare for Winn Perry , the men's emporium quietly holding down the fort for traditionalist fashion. WP opened this summer in Southeast but will throw it's official grand opening party on Friday. Nosh some old-world hors d'oeuvres as Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy reads from his guide The Affected Provincials Companion, Vol. 1 . A. Gustav Bayer will share his Minutiae of Black Tie Etiquette . Fashionwise, it's a formal event. Winn Perry, 2505 SE 11th, Friday, October 10th, 7 pm, free.

Back at Fashion Week headquarters, Portlander Tony Dimitri Peniche (Dimitri ) will be debuting his fall line in a show called "Killing Beverly ," aimed at "destroying the media's portrayal of L.A." Says Peniche, while "Our stuff looks a little L.A.," the details are "Anti-L.A." Peniche has been rubbing shoulders with Jose Solis and Rodney Hutton (of iconic New York brand Bill Blass ), both of whom will be in attendance. Miss Teen USA (Peniche's sister) will be there, too, with her "entourage of celebrities." PFW Plaza, 1330 NW 14th, Friday, October 10th, 6pm, $20-25 general admission .


In tragic anti-fashion news , Portland walletmaker db clay is closing up shop . Reads the website, "Due to external economic forces beyond control, we've been unable to purchase any additional holiday inventory." Prices have been slashed ($25-40 for a billfold), and an oversized ticker counts down the seconds remaining for online orders.
T-minus 6 days, 3 hours, 52 minutes, 29 seconds ...

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