It's looking like Portland won't be receiving any visits from presidential hopefuls this campaign season – and not any vice-presidential candidates or prospective first spouses either. But hey, at least we got a potential First Brother-in-law!

That's right, Craig Robinson, Oregon State's new basketball coach and Michelle Obama's older brother, made the hour-and-a-half trip up from Corvallis to encourage voter registration and plug his brother-in-law at Portland Community College's Cascade Campus in North Portland.

About 60 people gathered in PCC's Moriarty Arts & Humanities Auditorium to listen to and ask questions of Robinson, whom you may recognize from his appearance behind the podium at the Democratic National Convention.

After introducing himself and making a joke about the rainy Portland weather, Robinson spent a few minutes encouraging the audience to register, then described his impression of Barack when Michelle first brought him home to meet the fam.

"I liked him for all the reasons you do – he was smart, warm, funny," said Robinson, who left his job as the head basketball coach at Brown when OSU hired him in April. "All I could think was, 'Lordy Lord, don't let her blow this.'"

Then Robinson opened up the floor for questions: Will he take a leave of absence from his head coach position if Obama wins? (No.) What exactly would Michelle's role be as first lady? ("I have no idea, but I know she'll be good at it.") What are Barack's plans for Hillary if he becomes president? ("I try to stay out of that. I do know she's been invaluable to Barack on the campaign trail.") Don't we need to focus on voting just as much as registering? ("Yes. The game's not over till the buzzer goes off!")

"Go Beavers!" Robinson yelled as he prepared to exit the stage, then, after a beat, quickly added, "And go Obama!"