Joe Walsh
Greg Kafoury
Kyle Nice
David Landrum
Kafoury: Okay. The [Portland Police] Criminal Intelligence Unit does monitor protest events? Nice: Yes. Kafoury: Do they sometimes have their people in plainclothes mingling with the crowds? Nice: Yes. Kafoury: Common? Nice: Common. Depends on the event. Kafoury: OK. Are off-duty officers allowed to carry concealed weapons without a concealed-weapons permit? Nice: Yes. Kafoury: Just because they are officers? Nice: Yes. Kafoury: OK. And that authority comes from the police bureau? Nice: Actually, there was a national law passed a couple years ago that allowed that. But before that, yes, it was state law. Kafoury: And that's also part of the policy of the Portland police? Nice: I don't know if we have a specific policy about it. I think it's — that power is given us to [sic] by ORS. Kafoury: And it's well known among — it's well known in the police department that a lot of officers carry weapons off-duty or carry weapons when they are not on the clock? Nice: Yeah, I would say it's about 50, 60 percent. Kafoury: And without being any more specific, what county is your residence? Nice: Mine? Kafoury: Yeah. Nice: Washington. Kafoury: Thank you. That's all I have.
Landrum: Who is that? Kafoury: I have to serve some papers. Landrum: On who, Nice? Kafoury: Yeah, on Sgt. Nice. Landrum: Is that why you were asking those questions about the guns? So, you were using this deposition for some purpose other than this case. Is that right? Kafoury: You got a problem? Landrum: Say it on the record. Were you? Were you? Kafoury: I'm not being deposed, counsel. Laundrum: You were, weren't you? Kafoury: I'm not here to be deposed. And I don't have to answer your question. Landrum: That's going to be trouble. Kafoury: Well, you can bitch to high heaven. Please serve the gentleman.