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Liberated Columnist S. Renee Mitchell "Reveals" her Presidential Pick to Other Women

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Last night, I got in touch with my feminine side at a women-centric fundraiser for Barack Obama. But enough about me. The most interesting woman among the 200 who gathered in the candlelit Southeast Portland warehouse known as The Plant to drink wine, eat desserts, make T-shirts and channel their womanly energy? Newly liberated Oregonian columnist S. Renee Mitchell.

Mitchell's day began with her last Oregonian column and ended at this event with a public announcement she didn't feel like she couldn't make while a columnist: She supports Barack Obama!

“This is a really important time, not just for me professionally, but for the country,” said Mitchell, pictured above with friend Dr. Cynthia Harris, the principal at Jefferson High School. “I believe in hope again—and I'm so glad I can finally say that.”

In our chat after her speech, Mitchell was modest about her 10-year O career. “People say it's courageous to do what I do, but it's just me being real," she said. "I don't want the burden of being on someone's pedestal!”

The party Mitchell and I attended had been organized in one week by seven Women for Obama volunteers.

Meanwhile in other party news, Cyreena Boston — who ran unsuccessfully for state rep earlier this year —asked us to repeat after her, and through mouths full of double chocolate chip cookies and coconut macaroons, we obeyed.

“"I am a woman. And because I am a woman, I am powerful. And because I am powerful, I am going to vote for Barack Obama.” (Shouts and high fives. Yeah, we do that, too.)

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