WW: So when did you get the idea for this movie?
So you siezed upon H.P. Lovecraft as sort of a moment-of-our-times kinda thing?
The Stranger
I think one of the most interesting things about Cthulhu is that you use the cult of Cthulhu as sort of a symbol for religious fundamentalism. Is that an intentional parallel?
So was this based at all on your own experiences, or on friends'?
Everyone's parents screwed them up somehow, but in this case they're trying to kill the hero as well.
So how much did the movie cost to make?
And it seems that, looking through the credits, a lot of Northwest filmmakers really rallied around your project. I see Gus Van Sant on there and Robinson Devor and others like that.
You did a really nice job making Astoria look like a creepy place. How'd you pick the town?
What do you think H.P. Lovecraft would think of your movie?
Yeah, he wasn't very comfortable with sex in general.
What's your next plan?
Did you have certain inspirations for your mood, or people you're looking toward?
The Ring