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Nobody Works Anymore: OMG, Jesus is Inside A VP-2-B!

SARAH SINGS: It's pretty easy to pick on Sarah Bin Laden...oops,I mean Palin. The woman is a treasure trove of material. Especially when she sings. Yes, sings! Here's the Fey-looker singing (and dancing) with the Wassila Singers. The Pop-Up video bits are genius. Oh, yeah. And The New Yorker has a nice piece here, too.

[youtube KNVuuhurbZA]
(Hat tip: World of Wonder.)

(FORMERLY) PREGNANT MAN PLAYS: It's been a while since we've checked in the trans guy from Bend, Thomas Beatie, who claimed to be the world's "first pregnant man." But it hasn't kept the Brits from hounding him. Here's a link to the exclusive photos procured by the U.K.'s ever-so-tabloidy Daily Mail of Beatie with his family. Yes, the photo is what "normal" looks like, folks.

MEMBERS ONLY: Boys, ever wanted the ENTIRE world to know what you call that thing between your legs? Well, now you can with the One And Only Wang Registry! According to its owners, this is the first and only certified site to register and receive a "Certificate of Authenticity" of ownership of your wang name. Registrants receive a certificate giving "full ownership to keep or hand down from generation to generation."

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