[youtube OQzi0GNwRNI]
Kevin Mannix, former chairman of the Republican Party of Oregon, visited Willamette Week's office today and had this to say about Señor Smith, WW's cover story from last week on U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith's family business and its practice of employing undocumented workers:

"I object to anybody allowing illegal conduct to go forward. There's civil illegal and there's criminal illegal ... I'm going to be real careful about this. My view is every business in this state should be subjected to scrutiny about following the law. We all know Gordon Smith is not allowed to run that business, although his wife is chairman of the board, because as a senator he has to step back. I accept his representation. He has told the people as best he can to do everything they can to comply with the law. I accept that. Having accepted that that doesn't mean we don't go beyond that and say we're still going to look at compliance and insist that there be compliance."

[Thanks to Portland Community Media for the video clip.]