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What a Bitch: Feminist Mag in a Financial Crunch

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I first read about it here. And, frankly, I didn' t believe it.

And no, I am not talking about the big problems at the O.

I am talking about Bitch, a national publication devoted to giving a voice to women, or as it says on its Wiki page: "Bitch describes itself as a 'Feminist response to pop culture.' Articles offer a third-wave feminist perspective on current political events and social and cultural trends."

Bottom line: The publication needs to raise $40,000 buckaroos by Oct. 15 to print their next issue. Bitch, which relocated to Portland last year, is a "voice" worth supporting—and saving.

Debbie Rasmussen, the really cool publisher of this really cool publication replied to my query: "Well, it's true that (Bitch is) in some serious dire straits. I'm hopeful that we'll pull through, but just not sure in what form—print gets harder and harder, you know...especially for independent, noncommercial voices."

Since I work for an "independent voice," I feel it's my duty to let others know about our sisters. Kind of like making sure I will always refer to Sarah Palin as Sarah Bin Laden for the foreseeable future. It's the right thing to do.

Click over here to read more or watch the following YouTube video to hear what Rasmussen, and co-founder and Bitch's Editorial Director, Andi Zeisler, have to say.

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