August 13th, 2010 | by HANK STERN News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Politics

AAARRR! Meet the Oregon Pirate Party


There's a new political party hoping to sail into Oregon's electoral waters.

The Oregon Pirate Party (at, naturally) has filed paperwork with the secretary of state's office to join the list of parties in Oregon. Don Hamilton, a spokesman for Secretary of State Kate Brown, said a party needs 20,963 registered voters to establish itself in the state. (The party's Facebook group had 39 members as of this writing.)

"They have filed no platform, or perhaps we should say, no plank," Hamilton said with a laugh.

A quick glance of the party's web page gives readers a blend of the silly ("We are not the naughty kind of pirate" and "We don't sail the high seas with AK-47s") with the substantive ("We seek to promote Internet access and protect its neutrality.")

Image above by Chris Ryan.
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