September 10th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Byron Beck News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Nobody Works Anymore: Things that Make Us Throw Up in Our Mouths a Little

Sometimes all I want in the morning is an antacid tablet.

And the Internet? It ain't helping.

SUPERSIZED Mc-OCD: I'm actually more worried about what kind of product the Big Mac-stuffer is putting in that bad-ass hair of his, than what he's actually putting in his stomach. [D-Listed]

THE MIGHTY DUCK 'N COVER: Matt Damon compares Sarah Palin to a really bad Disney movie. I think it's more Wes Craven.

GAG ME WITH AN AIRPLANE: Barf Bags only help so much. [Wow Report]

[youtube 7nn7y6cS_TQ]

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