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Unhappy Members of SEIU Local 503 Fall Short in Their Petition Drive Against Union Prez


Rogue of The Week alum Joe DiNicola has survived a petition drive seeking his recall as president of Service Employees International Union Local 503.

Petition organizers got more than 5,200 signatures from other union members unhappy with DiNicola. But they fell short by about 640 signatures of the requirement that 20 percent of the membership sign to trigger a recall election.

Elected to his second term in November 2006, DiNicola ticked off many union members by filing a wage claim in March 2007 seeking more than $100,000 out of union dues for time spent over his 40-hour paid work week. These overtime hours included board meetings and SEIU events that other members attended on their own time and were not paid for.

SEIU member Star Holmberg tells WWire that she and others didn't think it was fair for DiNicola to file these wage claims, when she and other board members took time out of their own weeks to attend meetings and events without pay.

“Sometime he would come into meetings on Saturdays and then pass the gavel on and say ‘O.K., my 40 hours is up so I'm leaving,'” Holmberg says.

While union members who sought a recall of DiNicola's election realize they fell short, they say they hope their efforts show DiNicola and his supporters their discontent over his "ineffective leadership" and unnecessary legal proceedings. DiNicola's second term is up this November and he will not be seeking reelection.

DiNicola could not be reached for comment.

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