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“Cocaine" For Sale in Southeast Portland

The Smoke Shack

Located in Southeast Portland on 50th and Foster, The Smoke Shack's storefront sign has attracted the attention of our always attentive WW readers.

The sign reads: Glass Pipes, Brawndo, Hookahs and… Cocaine. Whoa. That's worth a trip to check out.

So I did. Inside the shop, huge hookahs and water pipes sit on shelves. And eye-level locked glass displays house hundreds of assorted pipes. Dave Littlefield, father to the shop's owner, stands silently watching me behind a cloud of his cigarette smoke.

“You don't really have cocaine for sale…do you?” I ask.

“Sure do”, says Littlefield.

“No really? I swallow hard, surprised, in spite of the shop's atmosphere.

“Honey the first one is free”, replies Littlefield.

Then he grabbed something from the fridge behind him. Grinning, Littlefield presented me with a can of “Cocaine” saying, “And if you like spicy, you're in because this stuff, Honey, is going to make you jump up and down”.

Littlefield wasn't joking. The taste of Cocaine is fiery, similar to a Tabasco drenched Bloody Mary. And though it doesn't claim to have any cocaine at $2.69 for 250ml, the can's label boasts 750 mg of Taurine and three and one-half times as much caffeine as the same serving of Red Bull.

You may be surprised Cocaine (the drink) is for sale because Redux's Cocaine drink was pulled from the market after its introduction last year as a result of the FDA's decision that Cocaine was being marketed as an alternative to street drugs.

When I ask whether Littlefield's sign has prompted complaints, he says it had. “We are not out to antagonize the powers that be [City of Portland]. I have told my son that he should take that sign down”, says Littlefield.

Before I can leave, Littlefield lights up another cigarette and pulls a second can from the fridge.

“This one is the exact same except it says “Cut” beside the Cocaine label”, he says.

Littlefield instructs me not to drink this one because he says, “They will take this one off the market soon and it will be worth big money”.

When I ask what “Cut” is and why it will be pulled, Littlefield rolls his eyes and mutters, “Boy you really are just a babe in the woods.”

Dave Littlefield

(Littlefield posing with his controversial product)

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