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From the Press Room: Reporters Question Progress in Kyron Investigation

Investigators this morning faced more pointed questions than ever before in a public news conference about law enforcement's progress in the Kyron Horman case.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Capt. Jason Gates denied the investigation has stalled after one reporter asked outright whether law enforcement has hit a wall.

"The investigation is most certainly productive," Gates said. "It's just one of those cases that's not going to fall into our lap."

Law enforcement called the news conference to ask for the public's help in the case. Investigators are seeking information on the whereabouts of a white pickup truck believed to have been driven by stepmom Terri Moulton Horman.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Rod Underhill pointed to posters showing photographs of the pickup parked in front of Skyline School. There were also photos of Fred Meyer stores off Cornelius Pass and on Southwest Walker Road in Beaverton. The public was asked to call (503) 261-2847 if they saw the truck at any of those locations the morning of June 4, the day Kyron disappeared.

Investigators would also like to know if anyone saw the truck that morning on rural roads around Skyline School, including Springville, Skyline, Germantown, Old Germantown and Newberry roads.

One reporter asked why these photos and information hadn't been released before. It's been more than two months since Kyron disappeared, and the reporter noted that many witnesses' memories may have grown hazy.

Gates suggested investigators withheld the information until now because they didn't want to taint witnesses' memories. He said investigators want to know what people really saw, not what they may have heard in the media.

"What we really need is independent witness information that is subject to no suggestion," Gates said.

Peppered with questions, Gates repeatedly declined to give specifics on why law enforcement is seeking these leads. Underhill finally confirmed only that a "witness or witnesses have come forward" with information about the truck.

Asked repeatedly about the timing of the new information's release, Gates said investigators are looking through a "different lens" than they were earlier in the case.

"The sheer magnitude of the information we have to process in this case is incredible," Gates said. "We can't put a timeline on this case. It will take as long as it takes."
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