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Voodoo Does the Dew, Dude!

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If it were anyone else, we'd be surprised.

The inimitable Voodoo Doughnut has created the world's first Mountain Dew-flavored pastry. The frosted, filled doughnut was conceived by Belmont design firm NEMO as a promotion for the Dew Underground tour, which made its Portland stop last weekend.

The skateboarding, BMX, and motocross contest will air on Fuel TV for the next two weeks. Check here for program times.

Around the office, the doughnuts garnered lukewarm reviews, but no one disagreed that they did, indeed, taste like Mountain Dew. They will be a semi-permanent addition to the menu, available at both Voodoo locations.

[vimeo 1611105]

A faux-hawked hipster does the Dew.
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