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President Palin? Commissioner Cogen flips the "experience" argument

Palin 2


Today John McCain is 72. And as a birthday present to himself, he chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 44, as his VP. If McCain were to be elected in November, he'd surpass Ronald Reagan's 69 years and seize the cane of honor as the oldest U.S. president in history.

There's an obvious hazard here: 2004 data from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the average lifespan for a U.S. white male at just 75.2 years, which means Palin would be just a pretzel choke away from the presidency.

Commenting on McCain's choice, Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen gives weight to the statistic this morning when he told Dem spokesman Sahar Wali, “We wouldn't put a two year county commissioner of Multnomah County a single heartbeat away from the presidency, especially when you consider that John McCain is twenty three years older than the State of Alaska.”

Cogen's comment underscores how the campaign narrative has been rescripted this morning. Rather than a "Hope vs. Experience" battle, undecided voters (who are you, anyway?) now have to consider the potential presidency of two candidates in their 40s. Here are their vitals:

Age: 44
Political Affiliation: Republican
Alma Matar: University of Idaho
Major: Journalism
Religion: Christian Assemblies of God
Political Experience: 1992-1996 part-time Mayor of Wasilla, AK (a town of less than 9,000). 2006-present: Governor of Alaska, the largest state in the nation and the fourth-least populous (about as many people as Multnomah County).


Age: 47
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Alma Matar: Columbia University and Harvard Law School
Major: Political Science with a specialization in International Affairs.
Religion: United Church of Christ
Political Experience: Illinois State Legislator: 1997-2004, U.S. Senator 2005-present

So who's the "inexperienced" ticket now? You can bet two different answers will be spinning your way.
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