August 22nd, 2008 5:33 pm | by Tony Piff News | Posted In: Politics, Politics, Environment

He's Down With OPP: Oregon Peace Party formally nominates Nader


The Oregon Peace Party, confirmed today by Oregon's Secretary of State office as an official party, convened this afternoon to formally name Ralph Nader its candidate for the 2008 Presidency. OPP made little buzz this year as it gathered the requisite 25,000 signatures, hoping to avoid the "sabotage" that kept Nader off the ballot in Oregon and Pennsylvania in 2004.

Party representatives make articulate points when they criticize Obama's progressive credentials, and most Americans would gladly adopt a multi-party system if they could conceive of it. But Nader is widely regarded as the crucial Democratic spoiler figure of 2000 (despite some research undermining the validity of that claim, courtesy of OPP). The Peace Party will have a tough time effectively promoting Peace, advocating the right to multi-party elections, and repairing Nader's reputation.

The new party is unlikely to make peace with the Democratic partisans they blame for scuttling Nader's attempts to make the 2004 ballot. Throughout the press conference, party spokesmen repeated the word "sabotage" no fewer than a dozen times. Lawyer Greg Kafoury, a prominent organizer of Nader's 2000 and 2004 campaigns who footed much of the bill to get him on the ballot this year, concluded the meeting, "This is serious shit."

Covered earlier today on WWire by James Pitkin.
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