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MFNW Update: We Owe the Retrofits (of Portland) a Big Apology

the retrofitsOr I do, anyway, as I'm ultimately responsible for the content of the MFNW guide. In that just-published handy handbook, we somehow mistakenly wrote about Portland's Retrofits as if they were another band called the Retrofits from Montana. I can't begin to explain how this happened, except that we really, really, really regret the error. It would be funny if it didn't suck so bad, because the out-of-state Retrofits (a grunge-influenced, unrehearsed outfit) being flown to Portland to play Musicfest NW is a pretty laughable idea. I mean, they have like 32 MySpace friends and (as the flubbed review suggested) have a hard time spelling correctly.

I am physically pained by this mind-boggling oversight on our behalf. So, in the Olympic spirit of good faith and reconciliation, the good-natured boys from Portland's more radio-ready, popular and attractive Retrofits (whom you can find on the web at or sent a limited-time unreleased single our way, and offered a few lines of their own to tell you who they are. We couldn't introduced them better ourselves:

"As you may know, we released our debut album Away From Here last year and we went on two national tours (from Boston to Austin to L.A.) and three west coast tours in support of the release. We've sold out every show in Portland since 2006 including our last two MusicFest NW appearances and a great show at the Doug Fir in March. The Retrofits sounds is definitely AAA [Adult Album Alternative -Ed.] oriented—KINK has been a supporter and featured our songs many times. We've really appreciated the wide range of fans that come to our shows (from teens to 30 year olds to 50+). As Willamette Week said last year in its MusicFest NW review "Bring your Mom!"

We're also releasing two new singles later this year. I've attached one of them called "What I'm Missing" that we just finished mixing yesterday. It's not mastered yet...

We're looking forward to playing at MusicFest NW on Sept. 6."

We sincerely thank the boys from the Retrofits for having a sense of humor about such a totally awful error. And here, for a limited time, is the single for "What I'm Missing" (unmastered, mind you, and unreleased):


The real Retrofits' play at 10 pm on Saturday, Sept. 6 at the Someday Lounge.


Photo courtesy of the band.
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