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TWATCH '08: National Review Writer Sinks Her Teeth into Twilight

I suppose I have to hate the rightwads at the National Review, because, as I'm told around the office, "they hate my kind."

I guess besides gays, they must hate Mormon moms who write about vampires, too.

That said, the National Review's Gina R. Dalfonzo "In Love With Death, The Twilight of American fiction," is worth a read, especially for parents of tweeners who are obsessed with the Twilight book series.

For those who don't want to read the full story, here is Dalfonzo's final analysis:
"Meyer has deprived her characters of both choices and consequences. And young readers are left with the image of a girl who discovers her own worth and gets all she ever wanted, by giving up her identity and throwing away nearly everything in life that matters. That's scarier than any vampire."

Twilight fans (and Twilight moms), do you agree?
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