Guest Commentary By Alex DeLarge
wilding spree
Wilding Spree
Real horrorshow
"Wilding — the newest term for terror in a city that lives in fear," announced the New York Post on April 22. "Wilding" was defined by the Post writers as a phenomenon not unlike the violent raves in A Clockwork Orange — "packs of bloodthirsty teens from the tenements, bursting with boredom and rage, roam the streets getting kicks from an evening of ultra-violence. ... "

The jogger case planted "wilding" into the English lexicon, a term that came to define the inhumanity of these kids. But it was never clear where it came from — the kids, the police, or the media ozone. "The word seemed to come out of the ether," remembers [David] Krajicek, a former professor at Columbia's journalism school and author of Scooped: Media Miss Real Stories on Crime while Chasing Sex, Sleaze and Celebrities.